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10 Films A Bengali loves watching during Durga Puja

 That 'Pujo-Pujo' Feeling by Aritra Dey Clear blue skies laced with cotton clouds. The landscape dotted with waving fluffy white sticks of ‘kash-ful’. The fragrance from ‘shiuli’ flowers and incense sticks creating an inexplicable aroma. The cacophony of conches and ‘dhaks’ reverberating in an orchestra sweeter than Beethoven’s symphony. Add to these

The Bard and Bollywood-Zulfiqar and Julius Caesar

Chapter 2: The Last Rites of Caesar by Aritra Dey TLR Rating: 3 Reels. The Premise Composed in 1599, ‘Julius Caesar’ is perhaps the most prominent of the historic tragedies penned by William Shakespeare. Narrating the later part of Roman General and politician’s life, ‘Julius Caesar’ was a treatise on honor, friendship and patriotism. Although the

Baishey Shrabon

A Poetic Violence by Avinaba Chakraborty TLR Rating: 7 Reels.     The Bengalis are by birth admirers of healthy literature and so far, many prolific visionaries have expressed their philosophies through poetry and novels in Bengali. Thrillers, especially the ones which involve witty detectives and gruesome murderers with spine chilling moments have secured an inseparable


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