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The Bard And Bollywood-Maqbool And Macbeth

Chapter 3: The first big step in Bollywood by Aritra Dey TLR Rating: 8 Reels. The Premise Among all the Shakespeare classic dramas, ‘Macbeth’ has always occupied a special position in my heart. The titular character has a pallet of emotional shades. The journey he undertakes psychologically is an envious one for a writer. Coupled

‘TubeLight’ lived up to its name

The Flickering Light by Himel Choudhury TLR Rating: 4 Reels.     Salman 'Bhai' Khan is a big-hearted man. Every year during the festival of Eid, he doles out a gift to the entire country. Thousands of fans wait eagerly for the festive weekend and for them 'Sallu Bhai' never disappoints. The trend started from Wanted and with


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