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10 Films A Bengali loves watching during Durga Puja

 That 'Pujo-Pujo' Feeling by Aritra Dey Clear blue skies laced with cotton clouds. The landscape dotted with waving fluffy white sticks of ‘kash-ful’. The fragrance from ‘shiuli’ flowers and incense sticks creating an inexplicable aroma. The cacophony of conches and ‘dhaks’ reverberating in an orchestra sweeter than Beethoven’s symphony. Add to these

Bela Seshe

In the Twilight of lives by Himel Choudhury TLR Rating: 6 1/2 Reels.       Sameness is easy, its difference that brings forth the challenge. Love is a heavy word and very hard to explain. It’s more like solar system where gravity works as love when you are into it, unable to feel it but deprived of


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