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Tamasha-Imtiaz Ali’s pragmatic take on imagination

Idle Imagination by Aritra Dey TLR Rating: 8 Reels.     The Premise Imagination is equally revered and feared by the general public. When a neighbor is imaginative, praise befalls on him. But a family member dares to venture his thoughts out into the unknown, woe betides him. The same talent becomes the sin of time-wastage, when one starts

Jab Harry Met Sejal – The 5 Trailers and What we know.

A Mid-Summer Romance by Himel Choudhury The Premise Imtiaz Ali has always given his audience something new to look at. We have watched him always unravelling the grim side of his actors. “Tamashaa”, “Rockstar” or “Love Aajkal” are the prime examples of that. ‘Jab Harry met Sejal’ is the latest in the market.

Jab Harry met Sejal – The 5 Mini Trailers

Jab Harry met Sejal Trailer #1 Trailer #2 Trailer #3 Trailer #4 Trailer #5


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