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Lipstick Under My Burkha-Patriarchy is slapped hard

The Fire of Feminism by Himel Choudhury TLR Rating: 8 Reels. The Premise Alankrita Shrivastava was a pretty unknown figure before ‘Lipstick under My Burkha’ made the headlines earlier this year. Only into her second feature, the courageous lady decided to make a film which would shake the very roots of the hypocritical Indian society. Patriarchy is


The Man Problem by Himel Choudhury     TLR Rating: 8 Reels.       Dahan, (in other words ‘burning’) is a film directed by one of the most acclaimed directors – Rituparno Ghosh, who unfortunately is no more with us. It is one of his best works till date. As the name goes, the movies deals with ‘dahan’ or burning

Pink – The Movie

A Case in PINK by Himel Choudhury TLR Rating: 7 Reels.     A very straight forward courtroom based drama,’Pink’- the movie sarcastically brings to light the outrageous perspective of the common man towards women. When a girl hangs out with her friends or attends late night parties, people questions about her character. This has become so

Cairo 678

The Beacon of Feminism by Aritra Dey TLR Rating: 8 1/2 Reels.     The digital age has come with several mini-revolutions which have taken the virtual world by storm. Paramount among them is the realization for the need of the feminist movement across the globe. The dastardly atrocities committed against them are coming into light and


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