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10 Films A Bengali loves watching during Durga Puja

 That 'Pujo-Pujo' Feeling by Aritra Dey Clear blue skies laced with cotton clouds. The landscape dotted with waving fluffy white sticks of ‘kash-ful’. The fragrance from ‘shiuli’ flowers and incense sticks creating an inexplicable aroma. The cacophony of conches and ‘dhaks’ reverberating in an orchestra sweeter than Beethoven’s symphony. Add to these

Academy Award Committee Breaks a New Record

The Oscar Story by Aritra Dey The Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences has surpassed their previous count of 683 yearly invitees by unveiling 774 new members, as confirmed by the President Cheryl Boone Issacs yesterday. The #oscarssowhite campaign had seriously maligned the committee's standards over the past year. Before the


That Drenched Feeling by Somdutta Roy TLR Rating: 8 1/2 Reels.     “To make a great film you need only three things, the script, the script, the script.” -Alfred Hitchcock. True to the dot!! According to me the script plays the same role as the base does in makeup, if the base is not strong


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