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The Bard and Bollywood-Zulfiqar and Julius Caesar

Chapter 2: The Last Rites of Caesar by Aritra Dey TLR Rating: 3 Reels. The Premise Composed in 1599, ‘Julius Caesar’ is perhaps the most prominent of the historic tragedies penned by William Shakespeare. Narrating the later part of Roman General and politician’s life, ‘Julius Caesar’ was a treatise on honor, friendship and patriotism. Although the

Jawker Dhan-What to expect tomorrow-Trailer Review

The Tibetan Treasure Hunt by Aritra Dey The Premise Give a Bengali a taste of mystery and watch him lick the plate clean. Maybe not like a bowl of fish, but it comes close. Hememdra Kumar Roy is a beloved fiction writer in Bengali culture. One of the first contributors in detective fiction,

Dhananjoy-A Verdict that shook the Society

Oh Justice! by Himel Choudhury The Premise 'Life Imprisonment' or 'Death Sentence' are in itself hostile in nature. No doubt the people who commits such aggressive crimes should be punished. But isn’t it the duty of the court to unveil the case to depth? What if an innocent is punished? Isn’t crime getting

Two: A Film Fable – Satyajit Ray protests against class war wordlessly

A Silent Protest by Aritra Dey TLR Rating: 9 Reels. The Premise Satyajit Ray's genius was never limited to the boundaries of the Indian sub-continent. Back in 1965, when the auteur was reaching the peak of his cinematic genius, American public broadcasting television PBS requested him to make a short film set in India, but in

Bela Seshe

In the Twilight of lives by Himel Choudhury TLR Rating: 6 1/2 Reels.       Sameness is easy, its difference that brings forth the challenge. Love is a heavy word and very hard to explain. It’s more like solar system where gravity works as love when you are into it, unable to feel it but deprived of

Baishey Shrabon

A Poetic Violence by Avinaba Chakraborty TLR Rating: 7 Reels.     The Bengalis are by birth admirers of healthy literature and so far, many prolific visionaries have expressed their philosophies through poetry and novels in Bengali. Thrillers, especially the ones which involve witty detectives and gruesome murderers with spine chilling moments have secured an inseparable


Love in Times of Infidelity  by Himel Choudhury TLR Rating: 8 Reels.     The plot-line evolving around forbidden liaisons has been common in the film industry since ages. Weaving this concept attracts the audience but it is hard to accept in reality. ‘Dosar’ (The emotional companion) is one such film that brings infidelity and its


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