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Dunkirk – Nolan’s War Epic is enthralling and his best ever

HOME by Harshit Verma TLR Rating: 9 Reels. The Premise Before entering the theater, I knew for sure Nolan will deliver as he has in the past decade. But he did something more this time. For a long time, this prodigy had an image of mainstream blockbuster director. However, ‘Dunkirk’ is in no way a

La double vie de Veronique – The Double life of Veronique

A Poetry in Motion by Aritra Dey TLR Rating: 8 Reels.      Europe among other things is the haven for poetry. The astute happiness, the beautiful love and the melancholic sadness culminate in fine verses, rhyming perfectly in those pine forests, the grassy moors and the perfect stony streets. Poets spring up like wild bushes

Children of Paradise

A Tale in Paradise by Avinaba Chakraborty   TLR Rating: 9 Reels.     Europe has a culture of producing breath taking, path breaking movies from the very early days, and France was the birthplace of these cinemas. It has gifted many influential figures to the cinematic world and among them arguably the most underrated one was Marcel Carne


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