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‘Newton’giri Zindabad-Berlin Winner enters Bollywood

Voting Rights

by Himel Choudhury

Can the CICAE winner at the Berlin Film Festival inspire the ‘aam-janata’?

The Premise

Amit V. Masurkar is a pretty unknown figure except for the folks who have watched ‘Sulemani Keeda’, released in 2014.  The quirky filmmaker has come up with his new venture ‘Newton’ this year. The title in itself brings about a legendary figure in mind. But is it all about the person and his invention or its gravity lies on a different platform? Yes, this film has brought into a subject which is well known by the people but the failure to implement it properly still looms large. Some others do not even realize the importance of it.

The right to vote is THE right which holds the concept of democracy.

The Theme

Indian Elections – a system which should have been the pride of our country, but in reality there are some places in India where people are ignorant of the system itself. The film is about a young lad ‘Nautan Kumar’ (who changed his name to Newton) who is honest, stands by his principles and tries to change something in the society. He realizes the fact that if you do not try to change something you cannot do anything. Rang De Basanti vibes, anyone? He is a man of the book and like always, honesty has a heavy price.

The eternal struggle between righteousness and corruption is brought about with election as the background

The Possible Plot

The story is all about how Newton faces the difficulties while he was sent to a polling booth to collect the 76 votes from the oppressed indigenous inhabitants in the conflict torn region of Chattishgar. Atma Singh (Pankaj Tripathi) a military personnel is seen to convey the fact that no one will turn up for election as they ‘know nothing’ about election. And even the staff in the polling booth like Loknath (Raghubir Yadav) are in a mood to pass the time. Atma Singh and Loknath are the local residents of the area and know well about the culture and custom of the place. And so the call of election falls into deaf ears. Malko (Anjali Patil), a local inhabitant helps Newton to carry out his mission.

Amit V. Masurkar is a young talent worth taking note of. ‘Netwon’ has created ripples in the international circuit. Will it break the Bollywood barrier?

The Presumption

The two most fundamental question that arises when we hear elections are –


Who benefits?

If the above two points is made clear to people, then people will understand their duty and responsibility towards election. The film has tried to convey the message along with its satirical attire towards the Indian constitution. We hope to see Rao giving a splendid performance. Raj Kumar Rao has done many films this year- ‘Trapped’, ‘Rabta’, etc. and plenty yet to come. We hope we get his best in this film. 22nd September, 2017 would tell us for sure.

RajKumar Rao looks set to put in yet another stellar performance as the titular ‘Newton’.

Newton’ has already premiered at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival and was the recipient of the prestigious CICAE Award. If only the Indian audience responds warmly to this movie. Sigh!!

The author is a software engineer at Infosys and spends her spare time in watching movies and reading novels. She loves to analyze the literature behind the movies.


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