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Jawker Dhan-What to expect tomorrow-Trailer Review

The Tibetan Treasure Hunt

by Aritra Dey

The chest, full of expectations.

The Premise

Give a Bengali a taste of mystery and watch him lick the plate clean. Maybe not like a bowl of fish, but it comes close. Hememdra Kumar Roy is a beloved fiction writer in Bengali culture. One of the first contributors in detective fiction, the writer has a plethora of entertaining stories ready to be converted to movies. ‘Jawker Dhan’ – The Treasure of the Ghost was long overdue in the celluloid. And debutante director, Sayantan Ghoshal has stepped up to finally make the movie.

 After 1939, the dynamic detective duo of Bimal-Kumar will make their on-screen return.

The Plot

While ‘Feluda-Topshe’ and ‘Byomkesh-Ajit’ are the most popular duos in the Bengali detective world, it’s a shambolic crime to disregard the dynamic partnership between ‘Bimal and Kumar’. Bimal, a professor in Anthropometry, (Do google the word if you don’t know it), is bitten by the adventure bug. His close friend and assistant, Kumar, chances upon a puzzle etched on a skull in his grandfather’s closet. Unable to decipher the meaning behind it, he consults Bimal. The curious mind of the detective solves it and they embark on an adventure to the Neora Valley forest, where an ancient Tibetan treasure is supposed to be hidden. Hot on their heels is Karali, who is willing to take the treasure for himself, by any means necessary.

Sabyasachi Chakraborty as Karali is a mouth-watering prospect. An actor of his stature would make the character interesting.

The Probable Performances

Among the modern day Tollywood stars, Parambrata Chatterjee is a much-loved actor. He is technically good, can pull of a role in a thriller with ease and is charming. Having him as the lead as Bimal solves a lot of problems for the debutante Sayantan Ghoshal. His dialogues still need a bit of polishing, as evident from the 90 second trailer.

Sabyasachi Chakraborty is a veteran in this business. Brilliant, poised and blessed with a baritone, he is easily one of the best Indian actors in this era. Seeing him as the villain Karali is an exciting prospect indeed.

Rahul Banerjee as Kumar, Kaushik Sen and Priyanka Sarkar, all established stars, are in the supporting roles. ‘Jawker Dhan’ isn’t going to fail in the acting department, at least.

Shaan (right) with the musical men, shares a moment on social media.

The Playback

Meemo is the composer for this movie. Shaan, Shilajit and Rupam Islam, the three stalwarts in the music circles have sung the three tracks released already. The vocalists have a huge fan-base among the youth and the singles aren’t getting obsolete in the playlists anytime soon. Although the musical pattern is in the same mound as Anupam Roy’s, expect them to be big hits once the film releases.

The thrill looks to be unquenchable, as the debutant director Sayantan Ghoshal framed some exciting, but unimaginative shots.

The Possible Outcome

Tibetan culture is a favorite haunt for the classic intellectual Bengali. The pinch of mystery and the beauty of North Bengal add an irresistible flavor which is difficult to miss. So expect a decent crowd at the theaters. Though the followers on the Facebook Page are not impressive, word-of-mouth will be a key component in the movie’s popularity among the middle-class residents.

We don’t know much about the young director. But the few frames in the trailer show him to quite bold. He isn’t shying away from any technique to highlight the suspense. However,for the most part, the film looks to be crafted in the ‘Srijit Mukherjee’ thriller pattern. I hope I am wrong though. I wouldn’t want the classic story to go down the drain.

Do catch the movie at a theater near you.


The author is a software engineer at Infosys and a passionate film and football buff, with a special interest in deciphering the literature behind the movies.

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