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Indu Sarkar: A vote of no-confidence is issued profoundly

 A Saga of Confusion

by Samriddhi Pal

In the face of chaos, chaos reigned.

TLR Rating: 3 Reels.

The Premise

Madhur Bhandarkar‘- The name itself triggers expectation. And when it’s all about politics, the Indian audience buys the tickets, hoping for a gripping two hour watch. However, ‘Indu Sarkar‘ fails the expectations at all levels.

The realism was hardly evident, and nothing was really felt of the terrible Emergency.

The Plot

The movie is centered around the period when the Emergency was imposed upon free India. The political drama revolves around an orphan named Indu, who struggles with stammering problems through out her life. That disability, however, fails to garner sympathies. The lady goes on to get married to a government official. Life was simple until Indu chances upon two kids in an area which was being cleared for construction purposes. The inhabitants were forced to dessert the place and upon refusal, were killed.

Her quest begins with finding a suitable home for the kids. In the process she comes to face the truth of dirty ongoing  politics. She realizes her husband, blinded by desires, too is a part of the game. She decides to take a stand and gets involved in anti-government missions. Arrests and legal harassment follow. Ultimately the Emergency was called off so that the ruling party can gain votes.

Though the story is fictional, it does portray the inconvenience people faced during the period.

The appearance of the enigmatic Prime Minister was sporadic and less influential.

The Performances

The acting is plainly mediocre. Kirti Kulhari as Indu and Tota Roy Choudhury as her government official husband tries their best to impress. But the sloth paced script fails them too.  The dialogues are way too melodramatic at places and the cinematography is average. Anupam Kher’s screen presence fails to do much to save the sinking ship.

The Melody

The music is below average. It is nothing you can take away home. The tune doesn’t stay with you and you would forget it even before you leave the theaters. And when you hear it within a week of Hans Zimmer’s spectacular effort in ‘Dunkirk‘, you tend to get a bit more repulsed. Not comparing though. Anu Malik is in a different league of his own. Always has been.

The Director’s graph is going downhill steadily.

The Mistakes

The story begins with a purpose, loses track, goes haywire and ends leaving the audience wondering ‘What was it all about!’. Many who had no idea about the plot, walked in expecting the film to revolve around the life and time of Indira Gandhi as the name ‘Indu Sarkar‘ might have suggested. The Gandhi clan’s presence here simply takes the story forward and their screen time is almost negligible.

Kirti Kulhari is a fine actress. But the ‘Shaitaan’ famed beauty couldn’t save the film.

The Parallels

Common man in the midst of a political Emergency isn’t a subject averse to India. Mani Ratnam has explored that in ‘Bombay‘ and ‘Dil Se..‘. Rahul Dholakia put forward an excellent example with ‘Parzania‘. Dealing with emotion is an extremely subject. Needless to say, several fail in capturing it properly.

Parzania‘ made the audience empathize. On the other hand, ‘Indu Sarkar‘ seemed to be begging for attention.

The Perspective

The film over all, is an average watch if you walk with absolutely zero expectations. It would have been better if the entire film was kept locked, instead of the titular Indu.

The author is a freelance writer and photographer, an opinionated movie buff and connoisseur of art.

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