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Jab Harry Met Sejal – The 5 Trailers and What we know.

A Mid-Summer Romance

by Himel Choudhury

The title might be ‘inspired’ but the story certainly isn’t.

The Premise

Imtiaz Ali has always given his audience something new to look at. We have watched him always unravelling the grim side of his actors. “Tamashaa”, “Rockstar” or “Love Aajkal” are the prime examples of that. ‘Jab Harry met Sejal’ is the latest in the market. To be released on 4th August this year, it stars Shahrukh ‘King’ Khan and Anushka Sharma in the lead. Both SRK and Anushka’s fans are eagerly waiting to watch chemistry between the two – but has he succeeded to form yet another magical pair? Only time will tell.

An interesting chemistry – Shahrukh and Anushka might prove to be magical yet again.

The Probable Plot

We have dug the 5 mini trailers closely and this is what we have summarized so far. Harry (Harinder “Harry” Singh Nehra) is Punjabi working as a tourist guide in Europe. Sejal is an independent girl who has gone for tour in Europe after her engagement. She meets Harry there and the audience simply can’t wait to enjoy the “new” romantic energy among the leading stars. The trailer reveals Harry to be a womanizer (not the regular charming and romantic guy) as he warns Sejal to stay away from him. Like always, the audience have already been impressed by the innocence of Anushka. Add the Gujrati sweetness and the people have simply gone gaga. Her inanity is handled by Harry’s cranky manner.

Imtiaz Ali brings out the best in his actors. Can he revive King Khan – the actor?

The Stars

SRK fans are eagerly waiting for him to fill the vacuum of romance in Hindi films, but can he really quench their thirst? Age might just be a number for this enigmatic star. His antics doesn’t make him seem any less energetic than his bubbly co-star. But his Punjabi accent sounds simply horrible. Somehow he can’t seem to shake off the ‘Shahrukh’ in his performances of late.

Did anyone else feel that deja-vu?

The Music

The party mood in the ‘Beech Beech Mein’ song reminds us of his earlier ‘It’s Time to Disco’. The vibes make us feel is SRK going to repeat his same clichéd performance (opening his arms and showing his signature move). Let’s raise our hopes to see something more than that same old performance.

The Promotion

This time SRK and Red Chillies Entertainment has come up with a new idea of promotion. Instead of releasing a full trailer, they have come up with 5 mini trailers. They have revealed few dialogues of the movie in them. Running for barely 35 to 40 seconds, this ingenuity has captured the fans’ attention. Although in one of them, the use of the word ‘intercourse’ caused quite a stir in the CBFC boat, the controversy has died down eventually. Read More…

The Expectation

The classic movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’ is cited to be the inspiration for the Imtaiz Ali movie although the plots are quite different. ‘It takes off from the 80’s classic’, the actor quoted.  The fans are awaiting a big on screen chemistry between the leads. We certainly hope to see more than just the beauty of Prague. With Akshay Kumar’s ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ releasing on the same weekend, a box-office battle is on the cards. Only time will tell who the winner will be.

Watch the trailers: Click Here.

The author is a software engineer at Infosys and spends her spare time in watching movies and reading novels. She loves to analyze the literature behind the movies. 

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