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Game of Thrones – Season 7 – What to Expect and More

Winds of Winter

by Aritra Dey

‘If we don’t put aside our enmities and band together we will die, and then it doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne’ – Ser Davos Seaworth

It has been a long, long wait. Finally, THE DAY is on the horizon. Season 7 of Game of Thrones is all set to air from 16th July 2017 and we can’t stop being EXCITED. Two trailers and a few teasers have been released by HBO, and the GOT Universe has penned down numerous speculations regarding the future events.

Season 6 has ended on a high. Jon Snow has been declared the ‘King in the North‘ by his banner-men after defeating the Boltons in the ‘Battle of Bastards‘. Brandon Stark is making his return to the Seven Kingdoms with Meera, having taken up the mantle of the Three-Eyed Raven. Daenerys Targaryen is on her long awaited return to her homeland of Westeros. Accompanied by the Greyjoy, Tyrell and Martell armies along with her own Unsullied and Dothrakhi armies, she has a force to be reckoned with. The Lannister base looks shaky at best. Yes, Cersei has achieved her dream of becoming the Queen and has destroyed all her enemies in the King’s Landing with one blow. But she has no friends left (does she?) and Jamie’s expression at the Sept blown away wasn’t exactly appreciative.

We have taken into account all the information doled out to the worldwide fans, and summed up probable scenarios for 7 different places in Westeros. Each of these places has its individual predictions, so we are covering up a lot of facts.

Just look at that smug smile. Just look.

Remember, these are just theories based on the clues from the trailers. Nothing can be asserted until the season ends. You know Benioff and Weiss! Wily Old Foxes!

Oh! And SPOILER ALERT! for those who haven’t seen Game of Thrones. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

1. Winterfell

The King in The North holds court. What will Sansa say?

The King in the North, Jon Snow gathers his banners and warns them about the ‘Great War’ that is coming. Petyr Baelish tries to create a rift between Sansa and Jon, or somehow angers Jon, making the latter choke him in the crypts. The crypts will play in important role in the last two seasons. If you have read the books, you might recall Jon’s earlier dreams of going down into the depths of the crypts, which are as large as the castle itself.

The crypts of Winterfell are supposed to house a living dragon. True or not, this moment is so satisfying.

Sansa and Jon won’t have an easy relationship. Exposure to the throne has left the elder Stark girl power hungry. In the second episode, she will challenge Jon’s rule and would want to take up the mantle of ‘The Lady of Winterfell’. Do remember though. Jon did offer her the ladyship after the Battle of Bastards last season. She had refused, but with Petyr and her own ambition, she is hungry for power now. That is quite a change in her.

No One is riding North again.

Arya might just kill the Littlefinger. She is riding North and she knows who had betrayed Ned Stark in the first place. She had seen him dealing with Tywin Lannister. I think the White Wedding is on the cards and the wily Mockingbird will die. Oh, and she kills the remaining Freys too. Red and Purple weddings mix together in her plan.

2. Dragonstone

Jon Snow departs from Dragonstone, but will his wishes be granted?

Daenerys Targaryen finally enters the gates of her ancestral home Dragonstone, takes down Stannis’ old banners and sits on the throne.

The red witch, Melisandre is on her way south. And it is highly likely that she will stop at Dragonstone, where we had first seen her. I don’t know if she will proclaim Daenerys as the next Azor Aha’I or not.


Jon and Davos will come here in the early half of the season. Remember, we have only 7 episodes this time, so the action will be thick and fast. The union between Jon and Danny is rumored to happen. Although they are aunt and nephew by relation, they are of the same age, and the Dragons are not shy of incest. I wonder where Cersei went wrong in the first place.

After the war in the south, the Dragon and the Wolf will go north to battle the White Walkers. Let’s talk about the battle for the Iron throne.

3. Highgarden

The Sand Snakes are being escorted by the City Watch. The future doesn’t look too bright for them.

Randyll Tarly, father of Samwell Tarly, will betray his liege lord Tyrell and join Cersei’s army. He is a fearsome battle commander and his alliance with the Lannisters will be fearsome. The Martell – Tyrell Alliance is defeated by the Queen’s forces and the Sand Snakes are captured. Going by a few behind the scenes leaks, Cersei has Ellaria Sand in chains.

The Battle at Reach. ‘Only a fool would meet the Dothrakhi in an open field’ – Robert Baratheon.

The second battle at the Reach will be between the Lannister forces led by Jamie against the Dothrakhi and the dragons. Jamie will survive by the skin of his teeth and the Lannister army will be burnt to smithereens. Qyburn will devise an anti-dragon weapon, but that will prove to be futile.

4. Casterly Rock

Euron Crow’s Eye finally triumphs over the Ironborn lady.

The battle of the Westerlands will feature the Battle of the Greyjoys. It will be in reference to the Greyjoy attack at Lannisport all those years ago during the Greyjoy rebellion.

This time Euron will fight for the Lions, and going by the trailers, Yara and Theon’s armada will be doomed. In fact, Euron will march Yara in chains and present her to Cersei. A bond of marriage will happen between them. And that will set off Jamie against his sister.

The battle for the Rock will be a tremendous one – Unsullied against the Lions. WE CANT WAIT!!!

The Unsullied will capture the castle finally, but Grey Worm will most likely be slayed in that scuffle.

Cersei will become the Mad Queen and Jamie will reprise his role as the Queen-slayer. This will happen when Jon and the others will come to form an alliance to defeat the Night King and his army. Cersei will refuse. Jamie will kill her and ride North. According to the prophecy, Cersei will die at the hands of her ‘Valonquar’, i.e. the little brother. And Euron will retreat to the Iron Islands as the dead can’t swim.

5. Beyond the Wall

The Fire Wight will battle the Ice wights. Who will win?

Towards the end, Jon will align with the Brotherhood without Banners and journey north of the wall to capture a wight and bring it down south as a proof. The Night King will ambush them and the small band will be at odds.

Daenerys will be following them the entire time, on the advice of Tyrion. The dragons will attack the army of Wights. But Viserion will be slayed by one of the White Walkers.

The Eye of the Dragon – The Night King has a new stead.

The trailer shows a blue eye. Many think that this might be the Night King’s eye, but a closer look will show that it is actually bigger and darker. The eye on an ice dragon. The Night King will raise it from the dead and mount it.

6. Old Town

Gilly finds out something about the Azor Aha’I. Will that be crucial in defeating the Night King?

Gilly will find out the information on how to ultimately defeat the White Walkers in the Citadel. She will come across the information accidentally. It seems likely, as keeping her with Sam means that her character should have a purpose.

Does the first city of Westeros hold another secret?

Samwell Tarly will assemble the maesters and chalk out an alternate plan to save the living. Or is there another secret lying in the Citadel as well? Many believe that it’s the Maesters who have summoned the White Walkers to rise again, in order to purge the kingdom of its violence. Sounds far-fetched? It may be true. Nothing happens in Game of Thrones without a reason.

Tarly will also find the cure for Jorah Mormont’s grayscale. Oh it’s true. It’s DAMN TRUE!

7. The Wall

The most imposing structure ever built by Man is set to collapse this year.

Bran Stark will use the Greensight again to find out more about the origin of the Night King, and he will lose control again. Man, he is lousy! This time the effects will be far more severe. The Night King, riding the ice-dragon, will shatter through the ancient magic and break down the Wall.

This theory serves another possibility. Bran is actually Bran the Builder who had raised the Wall along with several other structures in the first place after the Long Night. He will do that again after the Walkers have been defeated, thereby completing the time circle.

The Dead is Coming.

Visions will also show him travelling to King’s Landing before Robert’s Rebellion and pleading with the Mad King Aerys for the stashes of wildfire. Bran will tell him to burn the Walkers. That phrase will haunt the King – ‘Burn Them All’. And we know the rest.

16th July, 2017. Mark the date folks. Winter is Coming.


The author is a software engineer at Infosys and a passionate film and football buff, with a special interest in deciphering the literature behind the movies.


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