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Dunkirk-Nolan’s Biggest Project and What to Expect

All Guns Blazing

by Harshit Verma

The grittiest World War II event – the rescue at Dunkirk

The Premise

The words “The director which brought you Interstellar and Dark Knight Trilogy” are just enough to make you watch any of his movies. But Christopher Nolan has added a gem to his heavy bag. And maybe, just maybe, it is the best of the lot. It’s too early to say anything. But by the looks of all the clips that have been released until now, it seems as if he has done it. He has made ‘that movie’ which will etch his name with the ‘big ones’.

Simply his name draws a huge crowd. Nolan is a visionary.

The Push

Since his debut with ‘The Following’, Nolan has never looked back and nor have his fans. Although there has always been some dissatisfaction among the critics, his movies seem to have everything. They hit the right notes. But a good director always pushes his limits. So does Nolan. He delivers not only a mind boggling blockbuster but a movie which also has the depth and emotion to it. While his ‘Dark Knight Trilogy’ was no doubt heavily entertaining, movies like ‘Prestige’ added depth to his style of work. But he needed to do something else. Critics have argued that the complex science always hides his directorial skills. To refute that, he had to make ‘Dunkirk’.

Nolan’s filmmaking technique will take the spotlight this time.

The Tone

I might sound as if I have seen the movie already. I have not. But believe me. After watching the trailer, there are a few things that I can blindly put my money on. ‘Dunkirk’ will be Nolan’s ‘Magnolia’. As soon we see the first shot from the first trailer, the tone is set. We see a group of soldiers walking down a street with pamphlets flying above them thrown by a plane, showing them where they are. The element of helplessness which Nolan so masterfully depicts. The color pallet is rightfully set to show the grim and tense situation of the event. The moment we see those planes flying over we know that Nolan has given the movie his touch by adding realism.

Tom Hardy, the dependable, steps in as a pilot.

The Performers

 The minimal use of CGI is not even the best thing about him. He creates a world for his characters and lets the audience indulge in it the way he wants. The stage has been set up. 400000 men are trapped on the shores of Dunkirk and there is no easy way out. Acting performances seem to be spot on already. At first, the idea of casting Harry Styles seemed like a bad decision but now it feels that he has adapted himself for the role. We hope he doesn’t suffer the Ed Sheeran fate. Mark Rylance and Tom Hardy will provide a vital support for the newcomer Fionn Whitehead. And a Nolan film would certainly be incomplete without the excellent Cillian Murphy.

The dream of Home coming has been captured beautifully.

The Realism

 Nolan has made the job much easier for the actors by subjecting them to almost real-life experiences. He shot in high tides, stormy weathers and in complete isolation of the city of Dunkirk itself. The remarkable thing about Nolan is the scale on which he makes the movies. And he successfully adds depth to it, which is the most difficult job for a director. Those of you who know what this event was, will agree that there has never been a better situation where people ran against time.

Something wicked this way comes!!

The Score

People will see the real enemy is time which Nolan beautifully clears up by adding a “tick tock” background score. Hans Zimmer has done it again. He has been delivering without failure. And once again he shows us that he is one of the composers who know how to connect music with emotions on screen.


This movie is a must watch. If you don’t see it in the theaters, you are in for a huge loss. A Nolan movie is complete only if you watch it on the big screen. Only few movies have made me so restless and ‘Dunkirk’ is surely one of them. Embrace yourself for an emotionally intense and a spell binding experience.

The author is a huge movie buff with special interest in neo-noir and sci-fi genres. When he gets tired of watching movies, he watches more of them.

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