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Who watches the Watchmen? by Shirshanya Roy TLR Rating: 7 Reels.   Zack Snyder is...well, a controversial director. His signature "Snyder-esque" style: filled with grand panning shots, a sense of gloom, and gratuitous violence are not meant to appeal to everyone. But when you come down to it, the main problem with most of his

2001 A Space Odyssey

The Evolution Equation by Aritra Dey TLR Rating: 9 Reels.     Ever since Homer’s famous travels have been chronicled under a single name, Odyssey was used to describe a long journey. Homer had travelled the civilized world in his time and documented his findings in the great epic – from the lands of Greece to the

Bela Seshe

In the Twilight of lives by Himel Choudhury TLR Rating: 6 1/2 Reels.       Sameness is easy, its difference that brings forth the challenge. Love is a heavy word and very hard to explain. It’s more like solar system where gravity works as love when you are into it, unable to feel it but deprived of


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